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v9.1.8 Release Notes for CyBlock Cloud


  • Additional Admin Accounts. The following features have been added:
    • The ability to create five additional admin accounts is now available in CyBlock Cloud. Current cloud customers should contact Sales to change this number if necessary.
    • The Create Logon Account page allows you to create an additional logon (admin) account by entering an e-mail address. The additional administrator will receive an e-mail to log on and change the temporary password assigned by the system. The Create Logon Account page displays the number of additional logon accounts that are remaining in your customer account. Go to User Management – Logon Accounts – Add to access this page.
    • The Delete Logon Account page allows you to delete a previously created logon account. It shows the e-mail addresses for only the additional logon accounts, not the admin e-mail address tied to your customer account. Go to User Management – Logon Accounts – Delete to access this page.
  • Report File Name Format. When e-mailing reports, the reports now have only the friendly file name in the format ReportType_GroupOrID, for example, Site_Analysis_Enterprise.html. Zipped files will contain reports with the friendly file names, but will retain the time format.
  • Product Help. The product Help is now context-sensitive so that when a user clicks the Help link in the product, the Help system opens to the window-level topic for the screen. The Contents, Index, and Search buttons are still available for navigating and searching the Help.


  • Cookie Authentication. The cookie authentication domain was updated to allow you to log on using a domain compliant with the cloud server certificate. Previously, when using cookie authentication, a certificate error was received on the cookie authentication logon page.
  • Proxy Port. This includes the following changes:
    • The proxy port recovery now properly reopens the proxy port after an unexpected shutdown. Previously, this was not occurring which lead to the proxy being unresponsive.
    • The server socket no longer inaccurately reports that there are new connections to the proxy port. Previously, this produced an exception causing the proxy port to shut down.
  • Dashboard Charts. This includes the following changes:
    • On the Dashboard Charts page, the Trend – Enterprise chart now shows the line chart with visits and bytes. Previously, the data for the last 7 days was not showing even though the group trend chart displayed data.
    • Dashboard charts no longer show the message indicating that there are log files available for importing. This message is not applicable since the charts are displayed with proxy log hits imported by the product.
  • Data Overflow. A correction was made to handle large amounts of data on the Web Management – Application Controls and Filter – Categories screens. Previously, an SQL exception error was received which could potentially still occur for an excessive amount of data.
  • All Hits in Reports. Audit Detail reports now show the correct data for the Visits/Hits report setting. Previously, all hits were not showing when the All Hits selection was chosen.