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v9.1.4 Release Notes for CyBlock Cloud


  • Bandwidth Management. The following features have been added:
    • The Throttling Policy Configuration page allows you to implement a restriction policy when enterprise bandwidth consumption exceeds a preestablished threshold.
      • You can choose to create policies based on categories or groups. Policies can also be edited and deleted.
      • Your user-defined thresholds limit bandwidth. They also trigger alerts, if e-mail alerts are enabled in the policy and thresholds are exceeded.
      • If a threshold is exceeded, the policy is activated, and you can clear the alert on this page.
      • Caps limits can be added to throttle¬†bandwidth for noncritical categories or groups depending on what you chose to base the policy on. They can also be used to block nonessential categories when a threshold is exceeded.
      • Go to Web Management – Bandwidth to access this page.
    • The Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor page provides current bandwidth usage data for the enterprise for the last 5, 10, or 15 minutes.
      • If a bandwidth throttling policy is activated, an alert with the policy name and its associated threshold will be shown. The alert will continue to show each policy as it is activated. You can clear the alert on this page.
      • Go to Real-Time Monitors – Bandwidth to access this page.
    • An e-mail notification will automatically be sent to the administrator for each bandwidth throttling policy activated, if e-mail alerts are enabled in the policy.
  • Site Audit Summary. This report has been added to the Audit Detail Reports section on the Report Selection page and lists the top users who visited a particular site. The report can be run for more than one site and shows the total number of visits made by the user, hourly total visits, and hourly total kilobytes read.


  • Report Table of Contents. In reports that contain a list of categories in the Table of Contents drop-down field, the categories are now sorted properly. Previously, the list was not sorted.
  • Web Blocking Message. The Message Editor library was updated in order for the editor to work correctly in Internet Explorer 11. Previously, the Toolbar buttons and drop-down fields, such as the Tokens drop-down field, did not work properly.